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Our partners are primarily users of our applications. To mention just a few:

Grad Sisak

Complete insight to users of our services is on our users referral list.

Our partners are also leading makers of programming tools for data proccessing such as Progress Software Corporation and programming houses we work with or those that represent us on Slovenian market:

Progress Software Corporation is a leading developer of user/server app solutions, language of fourth generation (4GL) and relational databases management systems (RDBMS). Company resides in Bedford, Massachusetts, USA, with presence all around the globe, with over 50 offices and 35 distributers. It employes over a thousand od employees. With total income of 200 mil. $ per year and annual growth of over 30% it's withing 50 world's largest software companies. So far over a 250.000 Progres licenses were sold in over 60 countries. Great contribution to the sale of the producs is made by over a 2.500 application partners so overall turnover of Progres aplications exceedes 2 billion dollars per year.

IN Group is a group od several software companies in conjunction to act and present several programming solutions together. Leader of In group is In-informatika ltd. from Ljubljana as leading and certified distributor of complete solutions for informatics systems (ERP II) and B2B solutions for e-commerce, distribution and manufacturers in concordance with Fronstep (former Symix)


Novo Mesto ltd. is our major bussiness partner in Slovenia - distributor and installer of several software products by PANJAN ltd. - some of most important are "ZIS - Zdravstveni Informacijski Sustav", "Plače in kadrovska evidenca" i "Financijsko knjigovodstvo".

We present:

AIS eng

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